Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Big Top Romance

Art Work by Lauren Davidson
Even if we don't talk about it, Matt and I seem to always be on the same page. With the first album I think we both wanted to go as catchy, over-the-top, and big sounding rock as we could. A million vocal parts and guitar overdubs weren't enough. Basically, I think we were living out our childhood recording fantasies. There was no way for us to do that album back then on the primitive home recording gear that was available. Today we can pretty much do anything we want. AND WE DID!
                   With those demons exercised we began working on the second album even before the first one was finished. For our new album (that we are half way done with) we are getting a bit deeper and a bit more experimental or progressive maybe. The first song we are letting people hear is called “Big Top Romance.” I had written the basic structure a while back. I wanted something short and kind of like an interlude in the album. The song could easily have an extra bridge and chorus or verse but I think the way we did it, it just kinda keeps building to a crescendo and concludes gracefully. Matt came in and made the melodies sound better and came up with Beatlesque backups/counter melodies, and awesome harmonies. Right now this is one of my favorite songs we have done. Its kinda weird lyrically (again Beatlesque) and we will leave the interpretation up to you. We hope you “like” it and welcome any and all comments and critiques.

                   I really love what Matt and I do and hope we can get a band together and see where that leads. Hopefully to Leeds – England. Hopefully a carnival will be in town – you'll see. Hopefully!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mentally Guitarded

Hello Radio Yesterdays fans! Bill Dean here. I've been a busy bastard. I know you haven't heard us in a while, but that is about to change...BIG TIME. Matt and I have been working on a bunch of new material, trying to get a full band together, writing, recording, and I am almost done with an instrumental guitar nerd album called “Mentally Guitarded.”

Basically, Matt and I were hitting it pretty hard, then the holidays and winter insanity hit and we took a break. During said break, I decided to unearth some old recordings and half finished ideas I had done, as well as write some new stuff. What evolved in only a couple weeks is my first attempt at an instrumental record. I'm much more into vocal/song writing, but every once in a while I will do an instrumental song. As such, the songs on this new album span the last ten years or so. I re-recorded a lot of the parts with my current rig (pics of it on www.reverbnation.com/billdean), but the spirit of the songs are the same. Also, I get bored playing one genre so I guess the album does a fair job of chronicling my tastes stylistically speaking.

I got Matt Poff (the other half of Radio Yesterdays) to play mandolin on a couple of songs and he killed it! Also, he helped write "Forever Child." (Thanks Matt!) Dave White, guitarist for "Low Cash Cowboys" plays the first solo on "James Bond's Rubber," and the fade out solo on "Mentally Guitarded." I guess I played everything else. Aaron Fisher helped fine tune the mixes and master the album. AWESOME JOB, thanks Aaron!!!!

“Mentally Guitarded” will be available for download at itunes and a host of other sites. You can also purchase a CD from the label, 9 Lives Records (www.9livesrecords.com). I am going to do some shows with Aaron Fisher's band, Ghost Fleet, so we will be playing some of these songs live. Please check out www.reverbnation.com/billdean. Feel free to leave comments on facebook or on the site. Even if you don't like it, feel free to tell me why. Just be constructive. Also, if you enjoy the music, please hit “like” next to the songs and on the site itself. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy listening.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I recently watched the new Dave Grohl film, "Sound City."  It presented some very poignant thoughts regarding technology's influence on the music industry and music in general. 
In the glory days of rock the only way someone could record themselves was to sign that golden "record deal."  Making an album was very expensive and the equipment needed to record that album was even more so.  One half million dollar recording budgets were common place.  Now, anyone with a laptop, some recording software, and some microphones can make a recording in their living room.  This is good and bad for a multitude of reasons.  One good reason is that, we could never afford to do an album, but due to these advances in technology, we can realize our vision.  On the flip side, anyone can do this.  So the internet is flooded with music that is not that good.  In addition, there are a lot of cheat features in computer based recordings.  For instance, drummers can be put in time, and bad singers pulled into key.  This is why there are a million teeny bopper pop artists that have no business being in the business.  They are just a pretty face without much talent.  The computer can make anyone sound like God.  In the old days, you had to play it right or do it over and over until it was.  Many great musicians weren't "beautiful" but they could play their asses off.  It was about sound not appearances.  MTV did a great deal to ruin many a career of those who weren't model material. 
Grohl's film goes into great detail about how records used to be made and how this famous studio finally went bankrupt because computer based recording killed it.  The film also explained most of the big studios were all the classic albums were made are gone. 
What does this say for the future of music?  Of course, great music will still be made, but will it be heard or lost and buried in the masses of mediocre music that permeates the digital domain?  It seems record companies now, since anyone can be made to sound good through digital manipulation, is only interested in the pretty boy or the bombshell diva.  Are Rock Gods going to die away?  Are the great innovators and visionaries gone?  I think they still exist and will be heard but there is going to have to be a new musical revolution of some sort.  Many people are getting tired of the sterile sound of these perfect assembly line manufactured songs and artists.  They want that human element back, and that is what Grohl's film captures at the end.  He makes an album the original way with a bunch of different artists interacting with one another. 
Photo by Lauren Davidson
I salute this, but, the only problem is nobody can afford a half million dollar recording studio.  However, no one has to have a Neve console and $5000.00 microphones to interact and make a great record.  Advances in recording equipment have made great strides and great quality stuff can be had at a fraction of the cost of yesteryear.   However, just don't lose sight of the vision.  Keep it real with a band.  Don't be afraid to leave the odd mistake or two.  Sometimes a mistake leads to a great musical idea. 

The human element, at least for Radio Yesterdays, has to be there.  Matt and I recorded everything together and worked off of each other's ideas.  We brought in other musicians to play instruments we don't play such as drums and piano.  Much the way Steely Dan did it.  Although we used the computer to record, it was just a means to an end.  I think we made a very big, natural, and organic sounding album.  It is out now and we hope you like it.  We hope to release it in a variety of mediums, such as downloads, compact disc, and maybe even vinyl.  However, more on this, next blog.  Radio Yesterdays - out.

Monday, September 30, 2013


album art and design by Lauren Davidson

Radio Yesterdays debut album is now available. We want to thank everyone for your patience. The recording/creation phase of this first album came very easy. Bill and I bounced ideas off of each other and the music just kept coming. Every song has a piece of each of us in it. We had a common vision, and this is it. Reflections if just that, our musical souls, as we see it, in the mirror. 
The mixing, mastering and design phase caused us to slow down just a little. But we kept after it and we are stoked about our finished product. 

You can digitally download the entire album on iTunes.

album art and design by Lauren Davidson
Or you can purchase a physical copy of the cd, as well as other great releases from www.2catstudios.com 

We've changed the uploaded songs on Reverbnation from our demo's to the actual tracks from our album. So you have a good sample of the finished product. Give it a listen and if you like what you hear buy a copy of Reflections. And tell your friends about us. 

We hope it was worth the wait. 
And thanks again from Bill Dean and Matt Poff
Radio Yesterdays. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

We're still here!!!

We're Still Here!!!

I just wanted to let all Radio Yesterday fans know that we are still working. Things are moving allot slower than before but we are still moving forward. We are working on assembling a group of killer musicians to be able to bring our music to  live venues. 

Check out this amazing design, by Lauren Davidson, for our album cover.

We've decided to call the album "Reflections".
There is a little more work to do with the art work and the liner notes etc... I still have a couple songs to finish mastering. We have to come up with a track order. But these are just some of the final steps. We're very close to a final product. Hang in there RY fans.

Art work and logo by Lauren Davidson

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Album Progress

Hey RY fans. Matt here. I haven't been doing much blogging lately. I apologize for that. We are currently in the mixing/editing phase. We've decided to call our first album Today. And Bill has been busy mixing his ass off. I've been a slacker lately. Sorry Bill. We've recorded a few new songs. We decided to split up some of our material and put about 11 or 12 tracks on the first album and put the rest of them on our second album, which is about half completed already. 

We've also decided to just leave the demo versions of our songs on our Reverbnation page, for now, until we get everything mixed and mastered. Then we will post the new versions and give the option to purchase and download them. The keyboards and live drummer really changed the sound of things. We are very happy with what we have. 

We are still #1 on the Reverbnation, Charleston, WV Rock charts as well as #4 on the Reverbnation, Charleston, WV all genre's charts. So thank all of you for listening to our songs. Every play counts. 

Keep checking back for updates and in the meantime go to our reverbnation, facebook, twitter, myspace and google+ pages and give our songs another listen/ like and lets get some Radio Yesterday chatter going out there. 

I'm writing this post immediately after having injections in my lower back so I'm a little out of my mind right now. Thanks again Radio Yesterday fans. 

logo by Lauren Davidson